Company Policy


PTMatic srl aims at improving the Quality System encompassing the development of the market and the needs of its customers, therefore the “Quality Policy” statement implements the guidelines that should be followed to reach the goals set.

Top Management plays a strategic role in the full implementation of this Policy, making it available to all Stakeholders and ensuring its broadest dissemination by involving them in specific communication, making use of the constant oversight of the Group’s Quality Department.


Equality, impartiality, continuity, sharing, efficiency and performance, and freedom of choice are embedded into PTMatic S.r.l. core values and the Company involves all the staff in scheduling periodical meetings to communicate company goals and assess the activity performed, and analyse any issue that could arise to implement the solutions needed.

PTMatic's main goal is to provide the users of its public toilets with a sense of hygiene and safety because these two elements are a priority for comfortable toilet use.


The experience matured over the years in the field of the production of Public Toilets lead to the development of a range of products capable to provide an efficient solution to the different needs of the customers. Some self-cleaning toilets installed by PTMatic have been working for more than 15 years and they are still perfectly efficient thanks to the maintenance service offered.

Furthermore, the Company aims to clearly define the roles and the competence of its internal staff to improve communication among the departments, improving the programming phases to make the company processes straightforward and more efficient.

For this purpose, the top management has adopted a Quality Management System complying with ISO 9001:2015, to act coherently and efficiently on possible iniquities and on the major causes for non-compliance and poor service. It further defines a framework of general goals to be pursued involving all Stakeholders to improve the service provided to date.

A specific Customer satisfaction assessment system helps detect unsatisfying elements necessary to outline correction actions and to highlight the elements of satisfaction. The company also aims to improve communication among the suppliers to get high-quality products and services as well as finding out alternative supply sources to compare them and assess them in view of a partnership and mutual benefit. The Top Management believes that the working environment for its employees is relevant in terms of safety and reaching the set goals.

Over the years PTMatic s.r.l. has always operated believing that environmental protection is a core value for the community. Our environmental commitment has always been expressed in the use of materials and technologies aiming at minimising the carbon footprint of our activities and minimising the consumption of water and electricity. Our plant in Bareggio is equipped with a photovoltaic plant to reduce Co2 emissions and to produce energy from renewable sources.

Bareggio, 1 st February 2023

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