Our origins, our evolution

A brilliant intuition of Innocente Varlonga in the early 80ies is the sparkle that started PTMatic. The idea was to transform the common thought about public toilets: no more dirty and stinky places, but clean, disinfected and easily accessible environments. As a matter of fact, the Varlonga family was the first to introduce in Italy the Self Cleaning Public Toilets, already well known in France as Sanisette.

Since the beginning, PTMatic self-cleaning toilets are characterized by accurate attention to design. The artistic outlook of the forerunners of self-cleaning toilets was conceived by one of the founding fathers of Italian industrial design, the famous designer Marco Zanuso. 

From then on the sound values and the entrepreneurial skills of our team, made of PTMatic one of the reference companies in many European markets, and in North America and the Middle East. Passion, persistence, innovation and dedication to work have marked all phases of the pathway that we are proud to present as our history.

From the beginning...


Commendator Innocente Varlonga founded PTMatic.


TMATIC is born, the self-cleaning bathroom designed by the famous architect Marco Zanuso, one of the founders of Italian industrial design, seven-time winner of the Compasso d'Oro.


TAU-H is born, the self-cleaning bathroom also suitable for disabled people.


PT-Line remote control system is born.


T-BOX range of indoor bathrooms is born.


The Lava;-Tergipavimento® system is developed and patented.


DCN-ECO3 is born.


Two product lines are defined: PLUS and SMART.


PTMatic acquires the French company TOILITECH, which becomes the international brand of PTMatic products.

The modular and semi-automatic self-cleaning SAM line is born.


Net-Rapid washing is developed without mechanical handling.


PTMatic enters the North American market.


PTMatic enters the North American market.


The PTHealth kit is implemented which improves sanitization.

...until today!

PTMatic presents itself on the market with many innovative proposals, in step with the times, maintaining the concepts of accessibility and cleanliness.

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