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PTMatic Srl is the result of more than 40 years of experience, combined with professionalism and great care for details.

As a consequence, PTMatic is nowadays the reference partner for designing, building and serving self-cleaning and automatic toilets, in Italy and abroad.

Our cutting-edge technologies are the reason why PTMatic is a relevant point of reference for the foreign market.

In 2014 PTMatic purchased TOILITECH, a French company qualified in the building and sale of public hygienic facilities.

Solutions for everybody Solutions for everybody

 PTMatic toilets encompass technology, design and functionality in a unique solution, a facility that can be used by everybody. A modern and spotless environment accommodates PTMatic technologies, which have been conceived to facilitate a user-friendly use of the toilet by disabled or visually impaired people, voice instructions, Braille descriptions, touchless buttons and much more. Our automatic toilets comply with local standards for accessibility and with the prescribed health requirements. 

Ours are more than toilets. PTMatic public toilets may also be equipped with a nursery area and safety system to meet the needs of children and their parents. Furthermore, ancient people will be welcomed by a diffused illumination, an obstacle-free space and an emergency call system (PTCall - optional)

points of strenght Our points of strength

PTMatic is a choice that means attention to free accessibility, respect for the environment and belief in smart development. Our company builds structures characterized by a cosy design, customizable in terms of finishing, with technological solutions that guarantee high levels of hygiene and safety. We commit to turning the idea of integration into a concrete concept, that's why the technology of our toilets aims at supporting people with disabilities. PTMatic team stands by the environment, offering environmental-friendly solutions. We commit to building pollution-free toilets, in tune with the surrounding environment. 

PTMatic self-cleaning toilets fit into different urban settings, such as parking lots, public parks, marketplaces, and bus stops. The different solutions offered can be implemented also in already existing buildings, such as historical palaces with artistic value, or into new buildings. PTMatic's products are perfect for underground parking lots and underground stations. The automatic toilets are equipped with technological solutions aiming at guaranteeing high levels of hygiene and security.


Our mission Our mission

 PTMatic was born and grows to propose self-cleaning solutions for the public. The need for different urban environments is to offer a wide range of facilities, including public toilets. People have to use the toilet without concern. They do not have to worry about hygiene, safety, cleaning because that's our concern. Hygiene, safety and cleaning are visible and real in PTMatic's toilets. The experience that we matured over the years, producing public toilets and self-cleaning public toilets, offered us the opportunity to conceive a product range able to propose an efficient response to the different needs of our customers.

Our post-sales service Our post-sales service

Our post-sales service is the cornerstone of our company. PTMatic's post-sale service commits to maintaining the perfect efficiency of our products also after many years, thus ensuring ongoing compliance with our high-quality standards.

The remote control allows verifying the condition of the toilet from your device. Thanks to this system, the customer can deal with possible malfunctions, check the level of consumables, and intervene immediately in case of an emergency.

PTMatic, thanks to its specialized technicians, in Italy and abroad, can guarantee efficiency and maintain the functions of the toilet unchanged over time.


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