NET RAPID Technology

Self-cleaning public toilets with NET RAPID Technology

The self-cleaning toilets with NET RAPID technology have been conceived to be installed in public areas with a moderate flow of people, such as markets, parks, and parking areas, ...

The prefab toilet is available in a standard version with a user room also fit for people with disabilities or in a multi-room version including two or more rooms: toilet, shower, locker room, storage room, pissoir, etc.

The self-cleaning public toilets are provided with an integrated automation system that can drive the automatic systems available (door opening with coin machine, people detection inside the toilet, automatic flush, etc.)

NET RAPID: key features

An electronic integrated control system provides the automation of the self-cleaning toilet. The coin machine offers the possibility to control the number of accesses, the radar above the door detects the presence of user inside the toilet, the washbasin is equipped with contactless distributors of soap, water and warm air.

The core of this toilet is its static washing system. The floor is washed and disinfected by nozzles that ejects high-pressure water mixed with disinfectant and the wc-bowl is washed, disinfected and dried by nozzles mounted on a structure above the WC.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      , 

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Characteristics of the self-cleaning toilet with NET RAPID technology

  • The internal dimensions of the toilet may vary according to the installation site and according to the configuration required.
  • Reinforced concrete monobloc with vandal-proof, fireproof, anti-graffiti features.
  • Interior walls with HPL cladding, gapless, vandal-proof, fireproof, and graffiti-proof.
  • Washing and disinfection with high-pressure nozzles built-in in a metal case mounted above the wc-bowl. A blower installed into the same case ejects air for a thorough drying of the seat surface.
  • The floor is made of aluminium slabs, slip-prevention and fingerprint-proof, it does not require any periodical maintenance.
  • Automatic flush of the wc-bowl.
  • Semi-recessed sink with patented anti-syringe system and automatic dispensers for soap, water, air.
  • SOS emergency buttons and two-way PTCall® emergency call system (available on request).
  • LED internal illumination
  • Security access to the technical room from outside.
  • Access control via push button for free use or alternatively multi-currency token or badge with the possibility of programming access times.
  • Accessible by users with disabilities according to the local prescriptions.
  • Self-diagnosis system in the event of a fault.

SAM outdoor self-cleaning toilet: the available configurations

SAM toilets are available in different configurations, complying with the needs of the customers.

Our technical department can outline tailor-made solutions, to fit any specific request.

  • SAM H: automatic toilet, also fit for disabled people
  • SAM HN: automatic toilet block with a room also fit for disabled people and a standard-size room.
  • SAM 2H: automatic toilet block with 2 rooms also fit for disabled people
  • SAM HU: automatic toilet with a room also fit for disabled people and a urinal room.
  • SAM HO: automatic toilet with a room also fit for disabled people and a urinal area
  • SAM HUD: automatic toilet with a room also fit for disabled people, a urinal room, and a shower


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