Self-cleaning toilets with PLUS® Technology

Self-cleaning public toilets with PLUS® Technology

The self-cleaning toilets with PLUS® technology guarantee first-class hygiene, thanks to a patented system that washes and dries the surface of the WC bowl and the floor.

The self-cleaning toilets with PLUS® are:

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PLUS® Technology in details:

PLUS® Technology, its points of strength:

1. Automatic washing and disinfection

  • A water veil performs the automatic washing and disinfection inside the WC bowl
  • The water flush washes the bowl inside and at the end of the use the recessed washing system rinses, disinfects and dries the seat.
  • A high-pressure nozzle washes the walls behind the WC bowl up to 80 cm
  • A high-pressure nozzle rinses and disinfects the wash-basin
  • The floor is washed, swept, and disinfected by the Lava;-Tergipavimento® a patented system (patent no. MI 2005 A001873) that moving along the room removes the waste, washes, disinfects, and dries the floor 

2. Accurate detection of the user inside the toilet

  • The weight of the user is detected by electronic load cells set under the floor, that accurately ascertained (with a <1 kg tolerance) the weight of the occupants. Thanks to this system if the toilet is occupied by a child the door remains open for safety reasons, if the occupants are more than one the facility gets into an emergency status, and the toilet cannot be used. 

3. Highest safety for the user 

  • The washing system of the bowl is completely recessed into the technical wall. The device is not visible when the toilet is in use.
  • The Lava;-Tergipavimento® is completely recessed into the technical wall when the toilet is in use. Two swinging lids hide the system and the opposite access to the technical area when the toilet is busy.
  • A back-up system opens the door also in case of a black-out
  • The particular shape of the washbasin conveys any waste or hazardous object out of the basin and into the technical room.
  • The ergonomic design of the components prevents possible damages for the user, all elements are gap-free and do not have any sharp edge.
  • A bidirectional emergency call system (PTCall®) is available on request.
  • A self-diagnosis system  (PTLine) notifies malfunctions, the need to fill up the tanks, black-outs, ...sending a warning to the service staff.

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