Ecologic public toilet

Connection-free ecologic public toilet: T Air

T Air is an "air" eco-toilet for outdoor designed to collect and dispose of normal organic waste without connection to the public sewage network, electricity and water supply. This technology exploits the combined action of air and sun.

T Air is particularly fit for all environments where a standard public toilet cannot be installed, where the technical, environmental and economic conditions do not allow the setting of a sewerage connection nor the electric or water supply


T-Air Technology: how it works

The air eco-toilet T Air is composed by a waterproof polyethilene tank, that should be buried under the outdoor structure. The liquid and solid waste are collected in this tank, separated in different compartments. The waste undergo an evaporation (for the liquids) and drying/mineralization process (for the solids).

The working principle of this air eco-toilet is performed without water and it basically exploits the action of sun rays and of the wind power that accelerate and enhance the evaporation and drying process of the organic waste collected in the tank.

The constant air flow dries the solid organic waste and promotes the evaporation of liquids.

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Eco-toilet T-Air: the ideal installation sites

T-Air è una toilette secca totalmente autonoma che riduce al minimo i consumi di acqua ed energia. Questo bagno ecologico può essere liberamente installato presso:

T-Air is a dry toilet, connection-free, it reduces the consumptions of water and electricity. This eco-toilet can be installed by:

  • Beaches
  • Pic-nic areas
  • Parking lots
  • Ski resorts
  • Playgrounds
  • Nature areas by rivers and lakes
  • Hicking trails
  • Alpine pastures
  • Private villas
  • Areas subject to crisis or drought
  • Natural and/or protected historical or environmental heritage sites

The advantages of our eco-toilet

  • It does not require expensive water plants nor waste water treatment facilities;
  • T-Air requires less
  • T-Air has lower maintenance and service costs than a traditional public toilet;
  • The drain system does not need to be connected to the sewerage and it is not pollutant;
  • The T-AIR technology prevents unpleasant smells;
  • It is a sustainable solution on the long run
  • It saves water resources
  • It does not require any chemical product.


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