Self-cleaning toilets TCAB SERIE

Flexible, reliable, efficient

TCAB series is a range of automatic self-cleaning toilets for outdoor designed and built aiming at combining reliability and long-lasting, thanks to an advanced technology that guarantees safety for the user and perfect hygiene for every use.

The concrete blocks may combine two or more rooms that can be designed as self-cleaning toilets also fit for disabled people, or locker rooms, showers, storage rooms, pissoirs, etc...

These toilet blocks are fit for high-traffic areas such as markets, parking lots, and interchange stations, ...All toilets have been designed and built to ensure extremely straightforward servicing, and with manufacturing and resistance characteristics that can offer high efficiency and excellent performance for the whole life of the facility.

SMART® Technology

The cleaning and disinfection system SMART® ensures high cleaning and thorough disinfection of the toilet, and it is made of a unique technology that thanks to a recessed washing device, installed above the WC-bowl, washes, disinfects and dries it, and also washes the wall behind the WC up to 80 cm. A nozzle system ejects high-pressure water mixed with disinfectant to wash the floor


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The main specifications of our outdoor self-cleaning toilets

- The external dimensions can change depending on the number and type of rooms as well as the chosen design 

- Washing and disinfection with SMART® technology: Washing, disinfection and drying of the toilet bowl and walls up to 80 cm, washing and disinfection of the floor, washing of the wash basin - Security access to the technical compartment from outside 

- Reinforced concrete monoblock with vandal-proof, fireproof, anti-graffiti features - Extreme flexibility of external finishing solutions - Interior walls HPL cladding, gapless, vandal-proof, fireproof, graffiti-proof - Sliding or hinged access door - Radar detector - Sink with the patented anti-syringe system 

- SOS emergency call buttons and two-way PTCall® emergency call system 

- Access control via push button for free use or alternatively multi-currency token or badge with the possibility of programming access times

- Accessibility for disabled users in compliance with the requirements of Ministerial Decree No. 236 of 14 June 1989, confirmed by Presidential Decree No. 503 of 24 July 1996 

- Self-diagnosis system in the event of a fault and real-time remote signalling from GSM mobile phone or computer

Configurations available

  • TCAB HN: self-cleaning toilet block with one room suitable for use by disabled people and one room for able-bodied people 
  • TCAB 2H: self-cleaning toilet with two rooms suitable for use by disabled persons 
  • TCAB HU: self-cleaning toilet with one room for disabled persons and one closed room with urinals 
  • TCAB HO: self-cleaning toilet with one room also fit for disabled people and one open room with urinals 
  • TCAB HUD: self-cleaning toilet with one room also fit for disabled people and a closed room with hanging urinals and a shower room

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