Outdoor self-cleaning toilets

TMAX: automatic, outdoor, self-cleaning toilet

TMAX is a self-cleaning, automatic outdoor toilet that combines design and technology to grant hygiene and safety for the user. This facility is the fit solution for modern cities and dynamic contexts. TMAX comes with a wide range of external finishes and robust materials, for a perfect integration with the surrounding environment.

PLUS® Technology in details:

PLUS® technology ensures a perfect sanitization of the public toilet thanks to its washing system, together with the disinfection and drying. This patented system washes and dries the surface of the bowl and washes, disinfects and dries the floor thanks to the exclusive patented system Lava;-Tergipavimento®. It has an extremely low water consumption (about 16 litres per cycle). This self-cleaning toilet is fit for highly frequented areas and always guarantees a perfect hygiene and high safety levels.

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