Italia. Grosseto TWAW


GROSSETO: installation of TMAX self-cleaning toilets with outdoor showers.
Location: Grosseto
Year: 2010
Model: TMAX self-cleaning toilet with shower
nr. of units: 2

The Municipality of Grosseto needed to equip its beaches with two self-cleaning toilets and outdoor showers to meet the needs of tourists and of its local community.


TMAX is an AUTOMATIZED SELF-CLEANING OUTDOOR toilet, designed and built to blend design and technology. It guarantees perfect safety to users and a spotless disinfection and drying after each use. This model meets all the highest aesthetic and functional expectations of modern cities: the synergy between the high resistance of its components and the flexibility of external finishes allow a perfect integration into every urban setting.

The unit is equipped with an automatic opening and closing sliding door, washbasin with automatic dispensers of water, soap and hot air, vandal resistant litterbin, mirror, grab bars for disabled persons and a remote control system for an efficient and immediate management. Outdoor, the unit is equipped with two push-button activated showers

TMAX toilets are automatically washed and disinfected after each use with special PLUS TECHNOLOGY® system

  • Micro-flush coating of the bowl while in use;
  • Automatic flush of the bowl after use, wash and disinfection of bowl, drying of bowl top;
  • Wash and disinfection of toilet walls up to a height of 0,8 m around the bowl and washbasin;
  • Scouring of floors with shifting system for mechanized removal of debris; washing, disinfection and drying of floors with Lava–Tergipavimento® technology, patent nr. MI 2005 A001873.
  • The entire toilet is washed and sanitized during night-time closure with special DCN-ECO3® disinfection cycle