Italia Livigno Twater


LIVIGNO: installation of TWATER self-cleaning toilets in the Livigno ski area.
Client: SITAS e Carosello3000
Site: Livigno
Year: 2006-2008
Model: TWATERH and TWATERN Self-cleaning toilets
nr. of units: 46

The strong influx of tourists in the Livigno ski area has required the installation of self-cleaning toilets to guarantee a high level of hygiene and cleanliness. The restrooms had to be integrated within already existing facilities.


TWATER is an INDOOR self-cleaning toilet designed to replace traditional toilets. It eliminates the need to build tiled walls, floors, doors, plumbing, etc. The unit is designed and built to combine reliability, durability and high technology, guaranteeing safety to users and a perfect disinfection after each use.

TWATER toilets are equipped with automatic SMART TECHNOLOGY® wash and disinfection

  • Micro-flush coating of the bowl while in use;
  • Automatic flush of the bowl after use, wash and disinfection of bowl, drying of bowl top;
  • Wash and disinfection of toilet walls up to a height of 0,8 m around the bowl;
  • Wash and disinfection of floors;

A safety equipment prevents the start of the automatic cleaning cycle if there is a user in the toilet.