LYON: installation of TMATIC HNU self-cleaning toilets.
Municipality of Lyon
Location: Parc de la Tête d’Or
Year: 2008
Model: TMATIC HNU self-cleaning toilets
nr. units: 6

The Municipality of Lyon, in the context of the renovation of public facilities within the Parc de la Tête d’Or, has commissioned six self-cleaning toilet blocks. Each block is equipped with a toilet for disabled persons, a toilet for able-bodied users and wall hung urinals. Local artisans have decorated the blocks with exterior wood paneling.


TMATIC is a line of OUTDOOR AUTOMATIC and SELF-CLEANING toilets designed to blend high reliability and durability, thanks to its cutting-edge technology that guarantees safety to users and a perfect sanitization after each use. The blocks include two or more cubicles that can be fitted as self-cleaning toilets for disabled persons, unisex toilets, changing rooms, showers, storage rooms, urinals etc.

TMATIC toilets are automatically washed and disinfected by our special SMART TECHNOLOGY® system:

  • Micro-flush coating of the bowl while in use;
  • Automatic flush of the bowl after use, wash and disinfection of bowl, drying of bowl top;
  • Wash and disinfection of toilet walls up to a height of 0,8 m around the bowl;
  • Scouring of floors with high pressure nozzles