smart technology

Self-cleaning toilets with Smart technology®

Our cleaning and sanitization with SMART® technology system guarantees the highest level of hygiene and disinfection of the toilet at each use.

Our system is the only one on the market to use a concealed spray arm over the bowl to clean and dry the bowl and surrounding walls up to a height of 80 cm, while a floor-integrated high-pressure nozzle system sprays water and disinfectant on the floor.

Our self-cleaning toilets equipped with SMART® technology are:

Outdoor models




TCAB series



Indoor models

Serie Twater

TWATER series

What is SMART technology?

  1. Customizable access system
    • swing or sliding door with electric moving system
  2. Automatic wash and disinfection:
    • Wash of toilet bowl with micro-flush coating of bowl while in use
    • Automatic flush of the bowl after use, wash of inner and outer bowl after use, drying of bowl top;  
    • Wash and disinfection of toilet walls up to a height of 0,8 m around the bowl
    • Automatic wash of washbasin
    • Scouring and disinfection of floor with high pressure nozzles that spray water and disinfectant
    • User detecting system:
    • Radar- controlled user detecting system
  3. Safety:
    • Sliding door equipped with anti-crushing safety device
    • Washbasin designed to avoid hazardous objects (syringes or other) in the basin.
    • No sharp edges or joints on any surface of the toilet, which is designed with extreme attention to ergonomics details.
    • Bidirectional PTCall® emergency call system

Toilitech – Smart Technology®: washing/drying of wc bowl