Prefabricated Toilet CITY

Prefabricated Toilet CITY


CITY toilets are PREFABRICATED OUTDOOR PUBLIC CONVENIENCES, conceived to be installed in urban contexts such as markets, public parks, rest areas, parking lots etc.


CITY toilets are made of special concrete reinforced steel, with an extremely ROBUST and FLEXIBLE structure, and allow several finishes and various formal solutions. CITY toilets can be ordered in the standard version (accessible for people with disabilities), or with two or more cubicles that can be customized in several ways: toilets for disabled, unisex toilets, changing rooms, showers, storage rooms, urinals etc. All cubicles are equipped with appropriate siphoned drains for an easy cleaning of floor and equipment. Automated devices are available for access control, water supply, bowl flushing and lighting control.

Available solutions

CITY toilets are available in a number of configurations, according to the client’s needs. Our technical department studies personalized solutions that are adapted to the specific requirements of the customer:

  • CITY H:toilet with one cubicle suitable for persons with disabilities
  • CITY HN: toilet with one cubicle suitable for persons with disabilities and one cubicle for able-bodied users
  • CITY 2H:toilets with two cubicles suitable for persons with disabilities
  • CITY HU:toilets with one cubicle suitable for disabled persons and one closed area with urinals
  • CITY HO:toilets with one cubicle suitable for persons with disabilities and an open area with urinals
  • CITY HUD: toilets with one cubicle suitable for persons with disabilities, a closed area with urinals and a shower cubicle


  • External dimensions can change according to the number, type and design of toilets.
  • Monoblock in reinforced vibrated concrete, vandal resistant, fireproof, anti-graffiti
  • Interior HPL cladding, without joints, vandal resistant, fireproof, anti-graffiti (interior can be fitted with tiles)
  • Non-slip, frost-proof, impact resistant 25 x 25 cm. floor tiles
  • Suspended flushing tank in white vitreous china equipped with time-controlled automatic flow-meter flushing system with wall mounted push-button
  • Wall-mounted vitreous china wash basins equipped with timed push-button mixer tap (lever-controlled in toilets for disabled), stainless steel anti-vandal protected syphon
  • Single-leaf solid swing door in grey aluminum, complete of handle and lock cylinder with external key and internal keyless safety lock.
  • Safety access to technical room from the outside
  • Access for users with disabilities in accordance with the provisions of European regulations.