TAir toilet is an eco-friendly, zero environmental impact toilet. It does not need water, electricity or chemical products. It TAKES ADVANTAGE OF THE COMBINED EFFECT OF WIND AND SUNLIGHT to create a natural air circulation that dries and dehydrates organic waste. The Kazuba system creates a constant airflow throughout the WC, thus ELIMINATING THE PROBLEM OF WASTE. These waterless toilets merge perfectly well with the environment and are easy to install in every context: they DO NOT NEED a CONNECTION to a SEWERAGE SYSTEM, no concrete foundations and are particularly suitable for:

  • Beaches
  • Mountain
  • Parking lots
  • Rest Areas
  • Picnic areas
  • Cycling tracks
  • Golf courses


TAir toilets have an exclusive design; all the raw material used is obtained from sustainable sources and merge perfectly with the environment. These toilets are also suitable for disabled people.


TAir toilets do not need to be connected to municipal sewerage or electrical networks. The system separates solid from liquid waste by gravity, avoiding maceration and preventing unpleasant odours. The constant flow of forced air, accelerated by sun heat, evaporates liquids and dehydrates solid waste with a volume loss up to 90%. Remaining waste is then collected in the recovery tank and remain neutral and odor free.


Because of the natural oxidation process that drastically reduces waste volume, maintenance is very simple and implies only to the removal of dried waste. Thanks to the natural dehydration process, waste is converted from organic into inorganic. Unlike chemical toilets, no authorized staff or special permits are necessary to manage the waste. Maintenance is usually necessary once or twice a year. This kind of toilet does not require technical maintenance because the system is extremely simple and does not employ mechanical parts. Like any other public toilet, the interior of the facility has to be cleaned regularly.